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Thread: Linux

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    I know a lot of PC people who just don't shut up about running Linux on their boxes, not that I was thinking of converting, but is there any convincing reasons why someone who can run OSX would want to run Linux??

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    Personally, I'd rather run GNU/Linux over OS X but I don't know much about GNU/Linux, so I'm stuck with OS X. I reather use GNU/Linux because it's free software (free as in freedom). I feel that non-free software restricts the freedoms I should have, and it also puts me at the mercy of the developer, as I cannot patch, fix or update the software without the source code.

    I'd also like to run GNU/Linux to escape greedy, evil corporations and gain some control over my own hardware that I sshould be able to do what I like with.

    Why use free software: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/

    Source Code: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source_Code

    There's something to think about

    To answer your question:

    1. Using GNU/Linux can be interesting, and many geeks/nerds enjoy a challenge or simply being different

    2. They feel that linux is more secure and-or stable

    3. They can fix any problems themselves if they know how to

    edit: How about this for which one the record labels value more: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/03/21/dm...ns_controversy/

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    there's a lot of powerful tools for linux, and the kernel can be recompiled by yourself with your own compiler flags

    it's cool for a toy but a pain in the arse to run as a desktop, and doesnt _WORK_ like OS X does...
    there's better UNIX's out there
    if you want a better free one.. check out solaris 10.. much more powerful than linux also

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    Ubuntu impresses me more and more every time I install a new version, but I'd say that right now OS X is still a long way ahead. You'd only choose Linux over OS X for philosophical reasons or to do very specific kernel-related things IMO.

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    The new Ubuntu release is due next month, although not sure if it might be delayed. So Dapper might be out in April.

    Ubuntu is a great distro..

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    Linux and open source gives you freedom from commercial interests and the option to become involved with the software if your interested.

    Its slowly developed into a good desktop OS. However it requires some learning and research if you have difficult problems. Whereas OS X has had most issues smoothed out by Apple for the user.

    OS X is itself an excellent desktop OS. Most all open source software has been ported across or can be with access to source. So you've got the best of both worlds really.

    From an IT persons perspective its alot more common than OS X. So its worthwhile knowing. The principles are more in line with commercial UNICES.

    I personally like and use Fedora. Core 5 is extremely polished altho I've yet to get into it properly. I've tinkered with Ubuntu which is built along OS X lines where a team of developers are smoothing out usability issues to produce a distribution the "just works". Note that its actaully a variant of Debian which is totally maintained with no commercial interests.

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    I run both - basically it is 'horses for courses'

    IMO Linux is a better server - memory management, ability to handle heavy loads like databases and such like. Seriously big sites like Amazon and Google use it.

    Linux configuration and reliable maintenance of server software is good. OS X server has had problems with things like Postfix and logs.

    Although G5 related, worth a look:


    Will the move to Intel change this? Not sure.

    OS X server costs quite a bit if you want lots of licences.

    However, OS X is way ahead as a desktop - ease of use, support for peripherals, desktop software.

    So, I use OS X for my desktop, and Linux for my servers.
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    Linux is a good learning tool if you want to learn how to run a server from the command-line (Terminal). Commonly people use an old PC to run a web server or the like over their broadband connection.

    Using it as a desktop OS you're just choosing which poor immitation of Windows and Mac features you have to put up with. The linux community intends that businesses can replace not just their servers with linux, but the end-user terminals as well, hence the slowly improving user interface. On the other hand, the window server used with linux, XWindows, doesn't have quite as much in terms of fancy graphics as OSX does and isn't dependant on having a great video card.

    Generally speaking, there's no reason one would want to use linux as a desktop OS if their computer runs OSX well, especially as many programs available for linux can be made to run in OSX.
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    Ubuntu is due in June now.

    I actually find the Ubuntu inteface with GNOME quite usuable. It is not as complex as KDE (I find KDE annoying), and the default install just gives you the basics, rather than every package ever released for Linux. Most things work okay, although I *still* can't get my Laserwriter to work.

    Agreed, not as polished as OS X, but in some respects linux has a stronger community behind it. Keep an eye out for Ubuntu and Novell's SUSE linux in the coming years. They are the big movers. At least the ones that are likely to give Windows a big shake.

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    I've probably been spoilt by using mac os since my first mac plus, way back when, but I have played with various flavours over the last 18 months or so, and now run a server on FC 4.

    My opinion still remains that as far as an end user is concerned, and most people who use computers are just that - including me for most of what I do, OS X beats the linux's that I've tried.

    I use windows at work, and my opinion of it is that it isnt as good as OS X , but for the end user, it is better than linux.

    However if you want to learn something new (in my case, using the terminal, and understading the file system so that I could get my server working securely) then linux is a great way to do that.

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    i skipped all this, what you need to do is find a live distrbution you can try
    live means it runs from cd stores info in ram, reboot and its gone
    ubuntu has a nice useable live distro so is knoppix use google to find either x86 or PPC version depending on you system be aware at least 128mb ram 256mb ram is recommended to do normal browsing type stuff
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