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    hi guys, have tried to restore classic on my newly acquired g4 800 PMac, i have reinstalled OS10.3.9 only to have classic still not work.

    i have also tried to install os9.0 onto this mac by cd boot but the mac hangs on a grey screen.

    i was hoping to install os9, update to 9.2.2 then install os19.3.9 over it, to have my classic (some people have suggested this as a fix). nothing's working.

    any ideas? thanks a mill' for your time folks.

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    If the mac hangs on the grey screen it may mean the Install CD is not compatiable with the mac you are trying to boot.

    I will be able to get classic working for you and would be also bootable if needed this is with 10.3.9 already installed as it will be easier that way.

    If you need help further let me know via PM and help will arrive.

    Rob B)
    Nick Named RatBag for a very good reason

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    physical help?
    that's service with a smile
    why are you reading this?

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    You need an OS9 disk, I think, which has at least 9.1 on it. My memory of what machines came with what OS'es recalls that Cube's came with 9.0.4, so a G4 800 would need at least 9.1 or maybe a full 9.2 install CD.
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