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    Ah, the woes of a TiBook.

    So let me tell you a story, a yarn if you will.

    A while ago I was at a friends using my TiBook with it on my lap and I lost balance and it fell about a foot onto the ground, landing on the corner. As it goes with TiBooks, the hinge broke. That wasn't too much of a problem because I had a junk one at home that I ripped another hinge out of. So fast forward a month, I'm selling the above mentioned friend the 'Book in a couple days here. So I go to open the lid, ever so gently, and I hear a CRUNCH as the OTHER hinge breaks. No biggie, just use the other hinge from the junk 'Book. So as I sit, the computer is sitting closed, curing with epoxy from the second hinge replacement.

    You would think that being made out of titanium would make it sturdy...

    Is it just me, or have a lot of you had problems with TiBook hinges?

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    maybe you shouldn't have wrote this if your going to sell it here becuase the value of it would really go down!
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    I agree with applecollector

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    Haha, jaffa, you would :P

    No, I'm not selling it on here, but the friend I'm selling it to knows all about the problems. I prefer to be upfront about all of my dealings, ESPECIALLY because he's a friend. Its also um... whats the thing I'm looking for.. um, oh yes, "the right thing to do".

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    FWIW, the TiBook hinges are known dodgy, no secret there... isn't that how pbfixit.com got started?
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    I don't know from firsthand experience (never owned a TiBook), but a friend of mine had almost the same problem, but his broke just above the hinge.... Unfortunately he didn't have anything spare to use, so tried to put it back together with grey duct tape.
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    LoL.....you think maybe you wouldn't have any issues with it at all if you didn't drop it?

    I don't think Apple designed the powerbooks to be treated like a panasonic toughbooks.
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    I've got a Ti 867 and up until a couple of weeks ago it was bulletproof.

    Opened it one morning and the right side hinge completely snapped away from the LCD. I wasnt a happy camper

    No rough abuse, just normal everyday use.

    Fortunately Im getting it repaired under insurance, but with the $1700 price tag to replace the LCD im thanking my lucky stars i had it covered.

    For the amount of use the hinges get on a laptop, the fact it requires an entire LCD replacement to repair it seems like a pretty major design oversight.

    i still love it to bits though :hugs PB (carefully&#33:

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    theres always sticky tape
    Just Chillin.

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