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    Default AuKun Video Converter

    Hi guys, wanted to know if you guys know the company AuKun.
    Blu ray ripper,Youtube Converter,Video converter,DVD Ripper,convert DVD to iPod/iPhone for Mac OS X

    I've tried their MKV video converter to convert a mkv file that couldn't be copied on an exteral HD (FAT32 formatted) connected to the TV.

    Not sure why but I tried to use Handbrake and my exteral Hd couldn't displaying on the TV yet.

    So I searched the Net for a mkv converter and found the AuKun and it did its work in an excellent way and pretty quickly too.

    But because I've never heard of these people before I was curious to know who they are and if you guys have tried them before.



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    The more about video converter as I know is how to use Media Converter for Windows to convert iTunes movies from M4V to MP4. If you have rented movies/TV shows from iTunes store, you may have known all iTunes videos are combined with fairplay DRM protection, it can be played on Apple devices only. If you want to stream iTunes movies to chromecast, you may have to use a DRM removal program to crack DRM protection and convert videos to multiple compatible formats at first. After conversion, you will be able to play all these videos on Android phone, Windows media player, Samsung smart TV, etc with original quality. To learn its detail functions on here. Good luck.

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