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    Default MagSafe 2 to USB 2.0 cable?

    Hi, just bought a cheap used Air 11" for the backpacking. The power adaptor is heavy (and bulky with the cord, plug etc). Besides, I already have a 10000mAh battery pack which I use for my iPhone. To save weight I want to use the battery pack to charge the Air. To do this I would connect the battery pack to the mains and then connect it to the Air with 'through pass' charging the Air. I would need a Magsafe 2 to USB 2.0 cable to do this. I can't find them on the net.
    Suggestions please?

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    Just did a quick google, and looks like USB 2.0 is not able to be used to charge a device. It needs to be a USB C port.

    Alternatively, there are power-banks that have the correct port on them so you can charge them using the power cable for the Air.

    But don't take my word for it - ask for more info over on AppleTalk.com.au. I'm not being paid for this advice.
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