hi all - desperate for advice!

Am running a 2017 Macair with dual external monitors in extended mode : 1 via the Thunderbolt Display port, and 1 using a DisplayLink HDMI to USB adapter for the last 2 months absolutely flawlessly.

Have been overseas for 2 weeks - restarted Mac and now only 1 external monitor is working. When I restarted.. it did auto update the OS to 10.14.6. I have upgraded to the latest drivers for the adapter and still no luck. There are the drivers for Catalina on their site for download and am wondering if I should just bite the bullet, upgrade the OS and then install those drivers?

I have isolated the monitor and plugged in directly to my mac and it works so clearly the issue is with the adapter and/or O/S.

if i access system preferences and select ‘gather displays’ it doesn’t recognise it at all.

any advice would be much appreciated as I am on a number of deadlines this week and on; t have a lot of time to try and figure it all out!