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    Default Heeeelp! Which cheap (~$500) used Mac laptop for backpacking (i.e. small & light)?

    Hi, on the road I have been using a 10" iPad with bluetooth keyboard and case. It is a great set up but as I will be doing more editing and writing I really am going to need a laptop*. But as I will be back on the road backpacking for at least a year I don't want to spend a fortune on something that could easily be broken or stolen.

    I am mightily tempted to break my decades-long association with Apple because I just can't seem to see anything secondhand that fits the bill.

    *My office computer is a MacBook but it is 10yrs old (and starting to fail) and besides it is just toooo heavy to even consider.

    So I'd really appreciate any suggestions.


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    Default Done! Bought a $500 2014 11" Air

    Done! Bought a $500 2014 11" Air

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    Well done, Grahame! I'm after one of them myself.
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