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    Default Gumtree search not working in Safari

    13.3" Macbook Pro Mid 2012/4GB RAM/500GB HD, running OSX 'Mavericks' 10.9.5

    Is anyone here having issues searching on 'Gumtree'? I'm using 'Safari' version 9.1.3 on 'Mavericks' and for the last month or so when I try to enter a search on Gumtree the website literally "blanks out" and without being able to search, Gumtree is quite useless. I've been conversing with Gumtree's support people and they've reported I'm not the only one who's experienced problems with Gumtree recently, though whether the same problem I dont know? They've ask the usual i.e. "try turning off ad blocking software", "try a different browser", etc. I've said to them I've changed nothing at my end, and yes I disabled my ad blocker which of course made no difference, which I knew it wouldn't. It did work again for a day and I emailed them back to say "whatever you did has worked as the website is working fine again", but I spoke too soon as the next week I went to search for an item on Gumtree and of course the search had stopped working again.

    I've now tested Gumtree on a public library computer running 'Internet Explorer' on the 'Windows' operating system. What version of IE, I'm not sure?, but the Library computers are running 'Windows 7 Enterprise' at least in the ACT. At any rate Gumtree search works fine on a Windows computer so clearly Gumtree have either run some update or made some change to the search code or functionality that is now causing incompatibilities with Safari, at least under Mavericks.

    So if anyone here can test Gumtree's search with the current version of Safari either under 'Sierra' or 'High Sierra' and let me know the results so I can report back to Gumtree. Of course if anyone uses 'Chrome' or 'Firefox' then please let me know the results using these browsers. One other issue is Safari is now displaying a warning message stating Gumtree's security certificate is now "invalid"! Whether this could be part of the problem I don't know as it didn't come up before, but it's certainly coming up now every time I go in. Just to be clear Safari will bring up the Gumtree homepage and I can click in and view member's ads, no problem. It just won't allow me to search.
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