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    Default Deleting photos on iPhone but from connected MacBook.

    Hi, I use the iPhone to take many many holiday pics. When I get home I download them to my 'mothership' Mac. Then I adjust and edit them which also involves deleting many. But when I hook up the iPhone to the Mac, the Mac considers the deleted photos as new and wishes to import them.
    Is there some way I can delete the iPhone pics that are showing up on the Mac as 'new'? But do it from the Mac.
    I can delete them by matching the picture on the Mac with one on the iPhone and then deleting it. However, this is cumbersome and also it is sometimes very difficult to match photos when there are several very similar ones.
    Any suggestions?

    PS: I don't use iCloud for pics as I have more than the free limit (so the Mac - and external hard drives - are my backups).

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    You should re-download those images and delete all the duplicate files at a time.

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