I've had a yellow substance that has leaked all over the keyboard keys and worse down the sides of the clear case and if you turn it over and look from the back through the clear case the substance is also on the white back. I had one of those silicone iSkin keyboard covers on it for quite a while and I suspect the substance is the oil from the silicone that has seeped out over time.

I've managed to clean the keys so they look new again, but I need to get at the oil that's on the white base. I took the keyboard along to a jeweler and they had the right tool to easily remove the three micro screws in the back, but when he went to remove the clear case it would only come apart a little on the screw side as if something was still holding the rest of it in. Also he said there were a bunch of wires attached when he tried to lift the clear case off and he did not want to do anything that might pull on the wires and damage the keyboard.

All I want to do is remove the bit of yellow oil from down the sides of the clear case and on bottom of the white cover. Then it will be clean again. Would the Apple Store be able to remove the clear case for me? Else how can I get it off? Is there a trick to it besides having to remove the three screws in the back? I know one thing. I won't ever be using one of those silicone keyboard covers again!