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    Default How durable is the Space Grey Apple Watch

    I'm thinking about getting myself a 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch Series 2 (aluminium) but would like some feedback on the durability of the case and the glass first. Specifically looking for feedback on how easily the case chips or scratches or the screen scratches or marks from those who have them.

    I might consider going to the Space Black stainless steel if it is any better but given how prone SS is to scratching and the fact that I'd expect you can't polish out the scratches on the black like you can with the standard stainless steel case I can't see this as being a real option.

    I work in IT so can occasionally spend time up to my elbows in PC cases, server cases, comms and server racks etc. but spend most of my time at a desk using a computer. I always wear a long sleeved shirt so would suspect that this would give some kind of protection at times.

    Plus I guess a screen protector os some sort would be a good idea as well, are there any recommendations on those (preferably via. Ebay)

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    hello I know this is a late reply to this post. I have got the series one 42mm space grey and I'm a chef and work in a kitchen it is holding up great for me; I even wash the device to keep to clean and sanitised for work thats why I love it. Durability is great I have bump the screen on kitchen equipment, walls a couple of times. It does have micro scratch like the iPhone gets from being in you pocket for so long and stuff; does have a big like scratch I guess it's the protect layer they put on it because its not like in the glass it still smooth and can't see it when using the device or looking straight at it need to tilt and have light on it so can't even notice it really but like I said I'm in a kitchen so its gets a beating some times but its doing great I even smashed it hard against a wall when playing with my son and the screen didn't even shatter or anything so its good. My device hasn't been babied I can tell you that. Very strong wearable.

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