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    Default iPhone stops sending emails on IOS 10

    I have an iPhone 5c that I recently upgraded to iOS 10 and now it won't send emails. No issues previously. Does anyone know if this is a know issue and what the fix might be? Emails I tried to send from my home wi-fi say "an error occurred while delivering this message" while the ones I tried to send while away from home say "the connection to the outgoing server failed..."

    Also, I thought that if an email couldn't be sent on one SMTP server it will select the next on the list or one related to the network service provider. Any idea where I can get more info on how this actually works?

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    I have the same problem with my Iphone 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBarret23 View Post
    I have the same problem with my Iphone 5
    I got it working again ages ago and I vaguely remembered that the wifi component was what was jamming things up, so I took the phone out of home wifi range to get it to connect to the mobile/cell phone towers and to download the mail that way and that seemed to fix things. Either that or some other weird convergence of things that suddenly got it working again.

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    G'day VirtualBob,

    Heads-up - This site is dead. Was mediocre to start, amazing for a while, then purchased by idiots who have done everything except for turn off the lights...

    For Apple/Mac/etc advice, particular if you're Aussie, I suggest:

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