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    Default Iphone 6S battery issues

    My 6s is a few months old and I have some battery issues. Basically it used to shut off at 5, 6%, no huge big deal, but this has blown out to 12, 13% now it shuts off as high as 35/40%. There's no consistency to it though, it can sometimes last right up to 1% although this is very rare. Occasionally I've managed to restart it and it's lasted another hour and the battery % even increases without charge i.e it shuts off at 30% I managed to get it back on and it climbs to 32%. I've restored to factory defaults numerous times and updated to the latest IOS. I've taken it into my local Apple approved repair centre (Macworx) and was able to demonstrate the battery issue, but they ran a number of tests including a battery health test which came back as all OK. So I've spoken to Apple who say take it into their store, which is miles away, but I'm guessing they are going to want me to demonstrate the problem, which I can't always do and I'm sure they'll just run the same tests as Macworx. Has anyone else has this issue?
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    This site is pretty much dead, better off going to apple talk and asking. We have seen this with my 6 and my wifes 6s, it happened since around Feb with an apple update and its a pain in the bum. They just die nowhere near where the lowest number and quite often don't even go into low battery mode beofre it. We wondered if its the facebook app as it has been reknowned for killing batteries in the background.
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    i have the same issue, i always connect my iPhone for charging via laptop although i know that hackers can easily hacked iPhone while charging though electronic devices.

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    you can turn off all notifications and disconnect wifi. May be it would safe your battery time

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    When Apple launches its iPhone 6s in market battery issues coming from that day. Some people are dying due to battery explosions while they put in charge, connected to another device and using high speed internet with charging. So company pickup whole stock of iPhone 6s from the market and resolve this issue. But still I am facing the same and now I think to go to other mobile company.

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