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    Default Dandenong's Cheapest Cars - MY BAD EXPERIENCE


    Q: Would you recommend buying from Dandenong's Cheapest Cars?
    A: No, I'd rather go to the dentist - it's less painful.

    In October 2016 I visited DandenongsCheapestCars in Plunkett Road VIC 3175 as they had a Chrysler PT Cruiser that I was interested in taking for a test drive. I intended to then visit a caryard in Tullamarine for the same reason, and was hoping to buy one or the other that day.

    Upon arrival I was greeted by a friendly salesman, Matt, who showed me the car, and openly admitting there were a few minor issues, but that they would be fixed to ensure the car would pass its roadworthy inspection. During my test drive, I noted:

    Strong cigarette smell
    Vibration in car/wheels over 60kph
    Cracked tail light
    Missing license plate light lenses

    Otherwise, for an 11 year old car, it was in fairly reasonable condition best I could tell, and Matt advised we could have all those things fixed for the stated price, including an interior detailing to reduce/remove the cigarette smell. (I called 2 random car detailers, both said a wet vac of fabrics, thorough wipe down of hard surfaces, and air-cleaner through the A/C would massively improve the smell.)

    Upon returning to the car yard, Matt was off-site, so I dealt with the owner, George. When I mentioned the fact I was intending to visit another car yard that had a PT Cruiser, he not only dismissed the idea of traveling "all over Melbourne" just to save a couple of dollars, he went as far as to insult the other seller's nationality. I should have walked then... but I really liked the car, and Matt had assured me the issues would be fixed, so I proceeded with the sale.

    Whilst filling in the paperwork, George attempted to express how little profit he makes on each sale after paying all his expenses. Indeed, when I picked the car up, I wasn't allowed to put the sale through on "credit" due to c/card fees (and couldn't use "savings" as it was over my limit) - I was told to do a direct transfer instead. Again, I should have walked - that felt SO dodgy... (and voided any safety-net my c/card may have offered.) But, I really liked the car...

    They had 2 weeks to fix the above issues before I came back to pick the vehicle up... and as best I can tell, all that happened was a wheel alignment that only partially fixed the vibration, possibly 1-2 new tyres (they said so, but I couldn't verify), and "something" to reduce the cigarette smell long enough to get me out of the car yard.

    Stupidly, I did not properly check the car before taking it home, because of a) pouring rain at pick-up and b) lack of sleep from 2 sick kids.

    Upon arriving home however, I discovered water in the cracked tail light (confirming it is not roadworthy), and I smelled like a nightclub. There was also still an occasional vibration/thunk when traveling at speed. When I wiped the car's dash with a wet cloth, it was filthy - clearly the car hadn't been properly detailed. There was also a few minor stains on the seats that a wetvac would likely have removed if it had actually been done. Finally, feeling above the license plate, I noted that there was still no covers over the globes. Lastly, the car's remote locking fob was missing!

    As such I attempted to report this information to George, however when I rang he had a customer so couldn't talk to me... and when I called back as requested, my calls went straight to messagebank... So instead I ended up dealing with Matt, trying to work through the various problems... week in, week out... with the only outcome being the arrival of the missing remote fob. Otherwise - no replacement lights, no offer to have the car detailed properly - which was the MAIN issue that I raised originally.

    Meanwhile a friend pointed out that the headlights were very "foggy" looking, and 1 wheel has a slightly buckle, both of which would likely also cause the car to fail a roadworthy. How did this car pass its roadworthy in the first place?

    Eventually I spoke to Vic Roads, who advised my best option was to get a roadworthy done myself, to confirm the issues were indeed in default, and then take that to the car yard and request the repairs. If they fail to comply, then I could report them to Vic Roads and Consumer Affairs.

    I tried again, managed to actually speak to George - who denied any knowledge of my correspondence with Matt - and finally the parts were ordered and received at the car yard in Dandenong... however I live in Geelong, 90 minutes away, and so they told me I had to pay the additional postage - even though I'd said all along they could send the parts to me to save them paying a mechanic to instal them.

    Back on the phone to Matt this time, expressing my anger, and that if they wanted me to pay postage, I would instead be coming back with my own roadworthy. Matt then offered to pay the postage himself so I could get the parts. They arrived 2 days later, which was today.

    In review, my fault was in trusting a used car salesman; in the end it took months and legal threats to get a partial resolution.


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    On a side note... should a car yard be registered for GST? Because according to ABR website, they are not registered for GST...?


    Sorry, I take that back. GEORGE MILTOS originally registered the name as a sole trader, but then cancelled the registration and re-registered it as a company.
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    A few weeks ago I received an Infringement Notice from Vic Police for failure to pay a toll. Checking the details - it was from when I drove the PT Cruiser home from Dandenong'sCheapestCars.

    Thinking back, yes, I admit - I did drive through a toll, and spent the drive home thinking - Must pay toll - god the cigarette smell is getting worse by the minute - Must pay toll... Then I arrived home, got out of the car, and saw the cracked tail light, etc etc, and the toll sadly fled my mind.

    What would have been nice, however, would have been for Dandenong's Cheapest Cars, who received a request for payment of the toll, and then a reminder/warning letter - to actually tell me about it. Instead, they waited for the fine to be issued, and then declared me the driver of the offending vehicle.
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    Thankfully, the infringement has been waived by Vic Police after I explained the situation to them.

    Just another reason I will never trust George at Dandenong's Cheapest Cars.
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