Can anyone tell me what the screen quality is like on this iMac? I have the info for the viewing angles and brightness, but am unable to find any info on whether the panel is a cheaper TN 6-bit panel (as used in the subsequent 20" aluminium iMac) or the better IPS 8-bit panel? Also what about the infamous 'vertical lines' issue that apparently plagued this model? Will 'all' develop this issue or were the majority perfectly fine? If I can get one in perfect brand new condition for around $200 (complete with all original accessories) is it a good buy? I really like its compactness and the fact it has a matte screen. I am aware of its limitations (e.g. can not 'officially' run later than OS X Lion), but its still going to be faster than say a Powermac G4 from 2002, isn't it? (and getting my Powermac repaired could cost a lot more than $200). I'm only going to be using it to surf the web and for 'light' graphics work. For anything else we have a current Macbook Pro so this will be as a second computer for the bedroom.