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    Default Swap screen in 20" aluminium iMac with screen from 20" white iMac - Is it possible?

    Since the LCD screen in the white iMac is of the superior 8-bit IPS design compared to the inferior 6-bit TN screen in the 20" aluminium iMacs I'm wondering if it's possibe to swap one for the other? That is take the screen from say a 20" G5 iMac and put it in a 20" aluminium iMac, say the early 2008 2.66GHZ model, since both screens are the same size. Does the display in each simply 'sit' in the inside and thus can just be disconnected and lifted out and how easy is it to open or disassemble each of these models to get at the display? I know with the later white iMacs simply removing the front gave access to the display whereas the earlier ones had to be disassembled from the back. Has anyone else had the same idea of swapping out the displays or even done the swap without issue? I could probably get both models for say $300 so I'm interested to know if the screen swap can be done and hopefully easily?
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