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    Default Where to find old Mac gear?

    Hi guys,

    I'm fairly new to this site, but recently sold my Macintosh SE with dual floppy drive and internal hard drive on my local buy swap sell page after having a clean out. It got me thinking how much I missed my Mac Plus (my family's very first computer - which I still have all the manuals and system disks for, but was thrown out years ago frustratingly by a neighbour who we lent it to). So I am on the hunt for a 1988 Mac Plus as a replica for our original.

    I remember going to a local school clearing sale in the mid-late 90s (where I bought my Mac SE and 2x Image Writer II printers for about $2 a piece) and seeing early Mac stuff galore. Is there anywhere people go these days besides ebay to find this stuff? I don't see them in opp shops, and I should start going to more garage sales because you never know your luck I guess.

    Anyone have any tips for hunting this stuff in 2016?


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    In my experience, Mac stuff of that vintage is much harder to come across these days.

    I haven't seen any Mac gear in an op shop since 2002 when I bought my IIgs at a Savers (for $12). Different times.

    You occasionally luck out during hard rubbish season. I think the last curbside Mac I found was probably a Classic or an SE, sometime in the past 5 years.

    I've stopped actively seeking gear out for the most part, but when I do get new stuff it's usually ex-academic. I work at a university, so this stuff isn't too difficult to bump into and there are a small (shrinking) number of pre-00s Macs floating around the uni. Not sure if you're up for it, but dumpster diving at the back of your local uni might pay off with some persistence (warning: possible legal issues!)

    Garage sales and stalls will still have a thing or two on occasion. As I mentioned before, more people are now aware of the value of these machines and will attempt to charge (often poorly informed) silly amounts for them. This is especially true for 'vintage' outlets catering for your nostalgic hipster types. I spied this on the weekend:

    Of course, there's always eBay.

    I think the main message is be persistent and keep your eyes out for unconventional sources. Or pay through the nose!

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