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Thread: SBS Downloader

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    Default SBS Downloader

    I've been trawling through whirlpool and the like looking for a sensible way to download programs from SBS. For the ABC I use iViewfox on Firefox and it works a treat. Looking through whirlpool I stumbled upon SBSnapper, but many of the variants are marked as no longer working.

    Can anyone point me to a Mac friendly way of downloading SBS programs?



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    SBSNApper works though is windows only they used to have a batch file version for osx though they havent kept it upto date then you could look at either screen recording software which is painfullly slow or possibly a flash video downloader though i use sbsnapper on my bootcamp partition honestly worst case i guess you could try the author of iviewfox and ask them to try and make an SBS version as a channel 7 on exists i wish a fixplay one would come out though.

    you could try someting like win or similar emulators to run the application it may run
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    According to my test, I find Allavsoft works great in download video from SBS on demand, Tenplay, ABC iView, 9Now, Plus 7 Yahoo, etc.
    It supports batch downloading and also support download video to any video or audio format.

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