How on earth can I recover my hard disk space? Here's the story so far. Before I go on, I understand about Hard Links ...

A long time ago I went from iPhoto to Aperture. I continued to use my iPhoto Library (file). I've since moved on to Lightroom.

During the years, iPhoto and Aperture went away, and Photos arrived. In that process, my iPhoto library photo's were unified into a single Photo's library.

Recently I moved the iPhoto (Aperture) library. About 140 Gb in total apparently. After deleting the file (from a MBPr 15"), I didn't recover any disk space. As a result I have tracked down the Project/Albums in Photos and deleted them ... but the individual photos STILL exist in my Photos library.

I have created a Smart Album based on the camera I use (Canon DSLR), and have found 9000 items that are no longer in any project or Album, so deleting them is a chore. But based on my experience thus far, there's no guarantee that even by removing these photo files, I'll get the disk space back.

Does Time Capsule maintain a hard link? Everything I have is backed up to a 3 Tb TC.

I desperately want the 140 gb back at my disposal, as I use Adobe Lightroom now and a more manual, simpler method of maintaining my photo library.