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Thread: Image recovery

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    Question Image recovery

    Hi there,

    I have searched but cannot find something that I thought must have been discovered before. I have some images on an SD card which I want to recover. I was wondering if someone could suggest an app that I may be able to use. Ideally I would prefer something free but if not then I would be willing to pay for something that just works. Thanks in advance

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    You mean is lost images from phone by mistake and intend to recover them , as long as the photos are not covered on the phone , you still have a great chance to regain pictures from android by using tool if you without any backup ,

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    Without backup file that you can recover from, I think it is a good method to try recovery tool to recover pictures.
    You can have a try, usually, they can help you get back lost or deleted data from your phone's memory, but remember , don't add more data to your phone after data loss.
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    G'day manc,

    Heads-up - This site is dead. Was mediocre to start, amazing for a while, then purchased by idiots who have done everything except for turn off the lights...

    For Apple/Mac/etc advice, particular if you're Aussie, I suggest:

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    You can download SD Card Recovery software, it is dedicated to recover SD data software, I use it to restore a lot of photos.

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