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    Default ThinkClassic - Vintage Apple / Retro Computer Community (Int./AU/NZ)

    Disclaimer: In maintaining fairness with the MacTalk website and community I withheld providing this information here for what could be considered a reasonable time frame of around 6 months since the last discussions were made between MacTalk's maintainers and staff. However I'm making a decision now to extend this invitation as it has since become clear that there is little to no development on the MacTalk discussion forums and activity across the board has all but ceased.

    In 2014, I founded the ThinkClassic vintage computer discussion forum along with two other members as a place for enthusiasts from around Australia and elsewhere to discuss vintage Apple computers. We started it from a discussion here on MacTalk, where we discussed the state of the vintage Mac scene and the communities that backed it. MacTalk had already started a decline by then, and like so many communities that branched off of their parent communities over time (like 68kMLA branching from MacAddict), ThinkClassic was intended to be first and foremost a second home for MacTalk's vintage Apple enthusiasts.

    Since then, the community has broadened its reach and is open to everyone. The member base consists of people from all over the world, with the majority of our members based in the United States and Australia. We would like to continue expanding our involvement in the Australian retro computing community. We predominantly discuss Apple computers, but accept machines from manufacturers like Commodore, MITS, IBM, SiliconGraphics, NeXT, Atari and Coleco among others on a smaller scale.

    Having exhausted our best efforts to revive the MacTalk community, I would like to extend a welcome to the members of the MacTalk Vintage Apple forum to discuss their vintage computers over on ThinkClassic.

    While I myself haven't been as involved in the running of ThinkClassic for some time, I remain active as a member and co-administrator of the community and will aim to make it a nicer place for former MacTalk members as well. Suggestions and feedback are of course welcome.

    Michael (iMic)
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