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    Default eMate 300 shuts off after boot screen

    I have an eMate 300. After plugging in the unit and booting it, after the chime and logo it shuts off. From this point on wards, pressing power will display the logo only for a fraction of a second. The only way to get it to display for a full second or two with the chime is to unplug and plug the unit back in.

    If I hold power and press reset, I get the "Erase Everything?" prompt, and the touch screen responds. At this point I can leave the unit running and it won't shut off, clicking yes looks like it does erase everything, then reboots. Clicking no reboots straight away. In either case I'm back at square one.

    Any EE's here? Anyone know what's up, or what I could do to try and fix it? Guesses? My original thought was perhaps it was attempting to start the back-light and it was shorting out the unit. It's as if something is being triggered and causing it to shut off.

    Does anyone know of anything obvious the unit does right after the logo/boot screen shows?

    I've taken the logic board out, no visual problems. I've tried disconnecting the back-light, doesn't seem to be that. Out of ideas. I'm thinking a bad ROM? If so, does anyone know how to fix/reinstall OS without further vintage hardware? The only other hardware I have is a PowerBook 1400cs/133 with CD-ROM.

    This is all a huge long-shot but I thought I'd ask. Any clues I can gather will be helpful. Thanks for looking!
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