Not sure if I am able to explain what I am trying to do very well, so I'll keep it short as possible..

At work I log onto a Windows based server via my MacBook Air - which I have done for a number of years.

I got given an iPad pro for Christmas and have been using it when travelling by logging into the remote server via an app - which works quite well.

I have a couple of spread sheets I work on regularly, which at the moment I log onto server and work via excel on the server. The spreadsheet is emailed to my client at the end of each day with updated data.

I have excel on my iPad and I am hoping to be able to work directly on the spread sheet via the iPad version of excel - as it is much easier to navigate and I only really need to be entering data as all the formulas are there.

I have tested it and if I email the file to myself I can open it on iPad email and then into excel, save the file and work on it and then email it again - however what I really want is like a cloud or app style storage where the document can live, and regardless of whether I am logging on via iPad or server that is where I go to access the file and enter the data.

I tried Dropbox, however it really only wants you to be able to share links, not files.

I considered iCloud storage - but never used it before...

Any suggestions? Hopefully I explained clearly what I am hoping to achieve? Though I'm a bit confused myself haha.