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    Default Cannot delete files from SD cards or external memory

    Since upgrading to El Capitane I notice I can't delete items from my SD cards or memory sticks which mean I can only delete photos etc by placing the card back in the camera. The SD cards are not protected. Also when I used to insert the camera SD card Aperture would automatically open...doesn't happen any more and when I want to import photos from the SD card Aperture doesn't recognise it so I have to place the photos in a folder and import them from my desktop. I'm guessing I need to change a preference somewhere but can't find it?
    Have changed Aperture preferences but still tries to open iphoto instead. Hope someone can help

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    This must be a very annoying problem and it's a shame that no one has any suggestions. So I suggest you post on the official Apple communities forum. You should get an answer there.

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