Hi All,

I was connected to bigpond cable via their modem and an Airport extreme with no issues and run Indigo home automaton software that uses prism reflector to externally access my home system form any device and also was working a treat.

Since changing to TPG NBN I now connect my airport extreme directly to the NBN using PPPoE and have been successfully using it with all my devices, netflix, songs etc but I now can no longer access my Indigo automation system and when I try and launch the reflector site or even access their Indigo Domotics - Advanced Mac-based Smart Home Hub site or any of the forums it simply times out and says server not found. When I run a local server for my automation devices it times out and says make sure I have an internet connection.

Can anyone direct me on how i check if there is something to do with ports, ip routing, ipv6 issues etc, I contacted indigo’s help and they said there are no know issues and it must be a local issue.

I connect directly using PPPoE, IPv6 Link-local only, router DHCP and NAT, DHCP lease 365 days, enable NAT port mapping protocol, enable default host, and enable IGMP Snooping

any advice on what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated