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    Unhappy Elgato eyetv diversity cutting out

    Have iMac early 2008 upgraded to OS X 10.9.5 and Eyetv Diversity cuts out. Signal strength and quality are 100% - (Mornington, Victoria Australia) where signal is known to fluctuate. When I swap it from one USB port to another it works again for a short time and cuts out still showing 100% signal and quality strength. Have had great reception the past year until now. Thought it may be usb ports on iMac but when tried to check them (holding down "D" when restarting) that didn't work on this machine. Any ideas?

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    Tried resetting the PRAM and/or SMC?
    Usually fixes I/O (USB) problems

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    It sounds like it's failing.
    I had an EyeTV hybrid that did this and heating it in oven would fix it for a little while, then it would cut out again.

    A few email arguments with Elgato and they agreed to send me a new one.

    Perhaps the diversity has similar issues to the early hybrid model.
    Something about Jimby.

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    I think the tuner is dying.

    Its been a long time since i last used EyeTV...
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