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    Thumbs down iOS multi-tasking/background processes not a thing?

    Hi all,

    A quick question regarding iOS 9.1

    I've got an iPhone 6 and have found applications 'refresh' themselves when switching between them. It's really annoying going back to an app and it's not where I've left it. Most noticeable in Safari where it'll refresh the page.

    Another annoyance is OneDrive not uploading photos from camera roll unless it's actually open in the foreground. I thought all these apps are supposed to integrate with iOS through all these wonderful API's but it's becoming a PITA.

    If this is considered a 'feature' then I'm out. Already frustrated with how locked-down the device is already so if this is considered normal then I'm jumping ship.
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    iOS's multitasking does my head in too, some things work, some don't.

    Although it really doesn't multitask in the true sense of the word anyway. But that seems to go for pretty much everything on iOS now that 9 is in use.

    Wish I'd never bought an iPhone 6 as I'm starting to despise it. Auto correct should be called "random word replacer", and lets not even get me started on the total failure that Siri is!
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    Go to Settings. Turn off Background App Refresh for the apps you don't want to refresh, and turn it on for OneDrive.


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