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    Default GPU performance: Iris Pro 5200 vs 750M

    Hi all,

    The latest 15" Macbook Pro Retina comes with the Intel Iris Pro 5200. I plan to game very rarely, but want it better than the performance in my current 13" Pro Retina with the Iris pro.

    According Notebook Check (their mobile GPU comparison site here) the Iris Pro 5200 ranks ~148th (which is high, considering the 750m ranks ~134th).

    Given the ranking- I would assume gaming performance is pretty much the same?

    How much video ram comes with the Iris Pro?

    How does it compare to the 650m/750m performance wise?

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    I guess this answers my question?

    Late 2013 15" Macbook Pro: Intel Iris Pro 5200 vs. Nvidia 750m (And Other Stories)

    According to this article- they perform pretty similarly? Benefit of the non- dedicated would be better battery life in Windows/bootcamp.
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