Just found an annoying bug with iOS 9.0.2 on my iPhone 6.
I had WhatsApp installed and after I saw it needed an update I decided to remove it due to the spam I get sent through on it from time to time. I've removed the app but the App Store sill has a '1' marked indicating that there is an update to install even though when going in to it none are listed.

I help down the home + sleep/wake buttons until the white Apple logo appeared and released them thinking that this reset would sort it out but it doesn't - not only that but it doesn't even appear to reset the phone any more. The aps that were previously showing as open when double tapping home still are and I'm (almost) certain that this didn't used to happen under iOS 8

I'm sorry Apple but this is just starting to reinforce my feeling that the word quality is seriously lacking from your quality control.