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    Exclamation Receiving Text Messages from a Friend - but not their number??

    I have a colleague overseas I deal with regularly via text message. We have been sending texts to each other for about 8 or 9 years. Since Wednesday this week when he sends me a text, it's showing up as coming from some random international number that is not his.

    I have been able to confirm that he IS sending the texts, but it is as though after they leave his phone they are being intercepted before they hit my phone.

    We were on the phone together a short time ago and he sent me a text just with the word "TEST" 4 times in succession.

    Each of the four times I received it, it showed that the text was coming from a different random phone number. these random numbers all begin with either +46 or +509. But when I respond to the test texts he doesn't receive them.

    Anyone seen this happen before?

    I am on Virgin and on Wednesday something happened to the Network in our area and I was offline for a number of hours - apparently other Virgin customers were affected as well. When they were trouble shooting (before they realised it was their Network that was the issue) they asked me to rest my Network Settings. When I think about it, it was after this that the issue began occurring.

    I've just updated to 9.0.2 a few minutes ago.

    Obviously I'm very concerned there is some hacking going on between our phones. When my friend sends a text to my wife's phone it's not doing the random number thing - it seems only affecting messages between him and me.

    I've tried googling for some help but have found nothing.

    Any suggestions?

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    Yikes! That sounds super scary!

    Does your wife have an iPhone also? Or does she have different kind of phone.
    I find it interesting that it only happens on your phone, and not hers.

    Have you tried installing a fresh copy of iOS on your phone to see if that fixes it?

    Keep us updated, I'm real interested to know what happens and how this turns out

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    He's not sending from Skype? AFAIK Skype sends text messages through different countries, but you're not able to respond to them.

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