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    Default Pioneer DEH-9350SD Sub Woofer not working

    Hi Guys,

    I've posted this over at whirlpool as well, but figured I might come across someone with some knowledge here.

    I'm a touch out of my depth here, so will do my best to explain. Also this head unit is quite old now, so might be tough to get help, but here's to hoping.

    I have a Pioneer DEH-9350SD in my car, with a 4 channel amp and a subwoofer connected. Running off the amp is my splits in the front, and the sub.

    Everything was working fine, and then I put a new battery in last week, and lost all my setting on the head unit. Since then, the sub won't fire. The amp powers on fine, definitely not a blown fuse. Splits working fine and there is a little bit coming through the sub (really little bit), just enough to feel it moving.

    If I up the 'bass boost' on the head unit it increases the subs movement, but only slightly, and nothing like what it was.

    The sub control on the head unit has 'off' or 'normal' as the two options. Have played around with that heaps, as well as the High Pass Filter settings, and pretty much anything else I can change and adjust.

    The only other thing to note, is something almost identical happened to me once before. That time I went past a JB HiFi (who fitted it originally) and the guy working in car audio came out, messed around with the head unit and bam, it worked. Stupidly I was so happy for it just to be working I didn't think to ask him what I'd been doing wrong. I tried going past a couple JB's today, but the guys that where working in their car audio just weren't as knowledgeable as this guy was that time.

    Anyway, any help at all would be absolutely amazing. Thanks so much in advance.

    User manual: Pioneer DEH-9350SD Manuals

    Photo of unit:

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    maybe your sub is out of phase? is there an option to change the phase on the HU?
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