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    Default Safari and iview


    System(s) : iMac and MBP both running latest versions of Safari and Flash.
    BudiiLite on NBN and WiFi
    ISP: iiNet

    I'm unable to stream anything from ABC iview using Safari. Previously I had no difficulty with iview and Safari but there have been a couple of changes since I last accessed that website. Firstly, I am now on NBN and secondly, I recently updated the OS automatically.

    No problem at all using Chrome.

    As a trial I've changed the DNS settings using the recommended setting from iiNet. Still works with Chrome but not Safari. Is it possible that since upgrading to NBN, the previous setting on Safari need to be changed?


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    Just in case anybody else has had the same problem but no resolution, I found that when I disabled Click to Flash in the Safari Preferences/Extensions my problem went away!

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