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Thread: Mac virus'

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    How ironic :P

    By the way.. on the topic of malware etc, a few of the times over the last couple of days, when I've typed in MacTalk - The Front Page, I've instead had an 'adult' site load... I know its happened to one other person besides me, so I was wondering if it has happened to anyone else?
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    My intention was just to share my knowledge. Hence why I gave a full disclaimer stating my work for Kaspersky Lab.

    However I have been a MacTalk user for many years before my employment with Kaspersky began.

    The most well known Mac malware was Flashfake. Stats from multiple AV vendors show it infected between 600k to 700k macs. When it came out, I was working in support and as the resident mac user was basically hand-balled any mac related issues. I probably received 10 cases of customers infected with this malware. Other calls were people that fit into the paranoid category. Manually disinfected a few before a removal tool became available.

    Also, as I said in my post, in my personal experience, I have not had any malware on a mac since classic OS.

    It exists, its few and far between, but they are out there. Most of the time common sense and good security practices will avoid exposure to the majority of what does exist.

    AV makers produce mac products because there are threats that exist to be picked up. If they didn't exist, people a lot smarter than me would soon point out that these products do not actually have any malware in their databases.

    Personally, I don't care which program you use. But my recommendation to have protection in place will never change. Just trying to provide some advice to the OP.

    And if you want some Mac malware, i'm sure I could dig up a few samples :P
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