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    Default Photoshop expert/hobbyist wanted


    I am after someone who knows photoshop well enough to merge 2 faces together for a photo card I'm making.

    Trying to blend the two faces so its possible that either one of us can be seen in the photo, and it can look like a male or female!
    Willing to pay up to $30 - so a 15 min job I'm sure will suffice? THis won't be published on anything serious or in a large size.

    I've tried aligning our two photos, but struggle to get the faces lined up. The cutting and pasting of eyes or only certain features didn't seem to look as realistic.
    If anyone is willing to help, please PM me.
    (if this topic is in the wrong forum - then please move, and apologies in advance.


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    You don't want to cut and paste - have the two images in the same doc on layers, and put a layer mask on the upper layer and use a soft brush to gently reveal the lower layer (or invert the layer mask and use a brush to reveal the upper layer). If you're using distort to try to align layers, try doing it with only 50% opacity on the upper layer so you can see both layers at the same time. You'd want the original images to be taken at exactly the same angle and lighting (tripod for camera and adjustable stool for subject). If anyone can do this in 15 mins I'd be very surprised.

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