I have one of the old iMac G4 17" widescreen models with a dodgy optical drive. It has slowed down when doing just about anything and I would like to do a re-install of OS 10.2 as I. have the original DVD aand then upgrade to 10.4.11. Problem is the internal superdrive has stopped recognising CDs and DVDs so I cant boot from superdrive.

Can I boot using firewire target mode and reinstall 10.2 from. another firewire mac? Is it possible to upgrade this model to 10.5 so I can tun more recent browsers as I am having trouble with messages saying, " your browserdoes not support plugins etc" when trying to usebank and other websites. Any help or suggestions appreciated . I dont want to replace superdrive as it requires almost a complete teardown of iMac and apple's price fr repairs is prohibitive.