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    Default Airport Extreme PPPoE auth and wireless

    My provider asks for a PPPoE authentication for internet and I don't know ho to do it with airport extreme in order to have the wireless working in parallel with the ethernet cable (gigabit).

    I can connect to the internet via ethernet using the provided credentials but the wi-fi has no internet probably because there's no bridge between the wi-fi and the ethernet on Airport Extreme.

    Any idea how I can make it work so I can have both ethernet and wi-fi working under the same PPPoE credentials?

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    I would have thought this was as simple as plugging the incoming line into the WAN connector, setting up the PPPoE and turning the Wireless on.

    Have you tried a full hard reset? (I'd ask about updating the firmware... but that's almost never upgraded by Apple anyway).

    There *shouldn't* be anything else to it:

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