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    Default Apple Music: Where are all my playlists?

    Having installed the Apple Music update to the Music app, I've noticed none of my playlists have been retained on my iPhone. My music is still on the device, but my playlists aren't. Syncing my iPhone back with my iTunes library hasn't made a difference, either.

    How do I get my playlists back on my iPhone?
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    I got this surprise right before leaving for the UK for work for three weeks. On the plane and "Hey...where are my playlists?" and then I checked through the music that was there and found that whilst most of my music was present (without playlists) but certain individual tracks and a few albums had disappeared inexplicably as well. Very annoying. I have only just got back and have yet to investigate the issue but I am dreading it...good old iTunes...
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    My daughter had the same problem, she updated to Apple Music, whereas I've not done the latest iOS update, not sur if I want to. What the heck is Apple doing with iTunes?.
    my daughter is very annoyed that the focus on her phone seems to be buying music, not playing what she already owns.

    boy, Apple has turned into a money making machine, they are really going the wrong way.

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    Yes, I'm not happy with Apple Music...big step backwards, in my opinion. As for loading music on to an iPhone or iPad to play offline, it is THE WORST!

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    Getting back to playlists, I think I have found a problem. I always use playlists on my iPod Touch to play music in my work vehicle. This is because it is too annoying continually having to plug my iPhone in and out as I get in and out of the vehicle frequently. Usually when the playlist is over I replace the music in the playlist which I call 'car', and sync the iPod. When I tried to do it a couple of days ago, iTunes deleted the music, but then put it all back as a new playlist called 'car 1'. Now I find I cannot delete that playlist. I have now deleted the music in it and set the iPod Touch so it won't sync it, but it is annoying as i can't get rid of it.

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