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    Default Most suitable alternative to JW player

    I've been having a bit of a traumatic time now that bitsontherun no longer offer their pay as you go video hosting. I intend to us Amazon S3 to host my video on my wordpress.org site.

    At the moment I have tested the JW player, free version which has their logo on the corner but I don't want that or the link away from my site. So I am forced to spend $149 per year to get rid of it, however I suspect that there is a free alternative out there but I'm looking for one that won't go belly up or be unsupported or otherwise not work suddenly in six months.

    I am only hosting low res tiny clips for the purposes of review or illustration of academic concepts. As such they will be used under 'fair use'. The files are mostly 320 x 240 px and a few mb in size.

    I found one called 'sublime video' but that is closing down as they sold out to daily motion. This is the sort of problem I'm trying to avoid.

    I just want a minimalistic player that I can use on my wordpress.org site to embed from amazon S3, and I don't want any branding. I will convert all my videos to H.264 mp4

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best solution, or will I always be behind the eightball if I don't go for the paid player.

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