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    Default Recommend a good VPN for Australia.

    I know that there are gazillions of threads like this, however most often people just google it and then post what they have found, meaning that where ever I look I end up seeing the same VPN's or the same articles about VPN's all recommending the same ones and it just seems to me one big crock of advertising. A couple of years ago, using this 'method' I ended up with Hidemyass, which I did not like and subsequently found out some stuff about them that was not very comforting. But I'm on the hunt again.

    So... I am looking for a recommendation from Australians who can recommend a service based on their tech savvyness plus their use of what they recommend.

    I'm happy to pay, in fact I'd prefer to pay because free is always going to be compromised. It's for a mac, obviously and hopefully it's fast and secure and not flakey.

    So recommend away...


    This is my self found shortlist...



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    I've been using TorGuard and consider them fairly good. They have a decent reputation and are considered one of the better ones for privacy and security. My only complaint is that the Stealth 256-bit AES server is always busy and very hard to connect to. Other than that, I actually find I get faster speeds with it for torrents than without. Slower browsing but not by a large amount.

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    I'd be curious to find out information about speed obtained from peoples experiences.

    I have 100mb cable. So can download from sources like Apple or Microsoft at about 14 MBp/s.

    I've been considering a VPN for a while, but if its going to drop me to bloody slow speeds, it may not be worth it. Or rather, I may end up using it on just one computer rather than across them all.

    Anyone else find a decent VPN able to keep up with Cable/NBN speeds?
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    I'll be interested as well. I've been using the Tunnelbear off and on, I dont get choked speeds but I also don't torrent (and can't with TB). I also have the free Hotspot Shield which has proven to be OK. Only the paid version has the option to change DNS in the router. Nearly all of them these days have an app for your computer and/or other devices. I need the smartDNS option as well, for the router, to cover the AppleTV.

    I'm not on Cable or NBN so cant answer for super speeds, but I find that either of those I currently have do not make any difference to download speeds for me, on ADSL2+.

    I periodically check torrentfreak for the most recent comparison. They do a questionnaire kind of thing with regard to which ones take your privacy seriously... HidemyAss has been dropped off. PIA seems to top the list, usually.

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    I ended up buying a one month sub to IPA to test them out and provide a standard to compare to and I must say I'm impressed, almost no loss of speed and super cheap. I'll probably end up buying a years sub when the month is up the way it's going.

    Had it for a month now and all works well, decent speeds, good support and uses their own dns servers that bypass the ISP's, they also have a bunch of special servers where that give you a port number to add to your P2P. I've been able to connect anywhere like streaming bbc uk stuff that won't stream in australia. No complaints whatsoever.
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    Well as i experienced, PureVPN is a good fastest & the most secure VPN in my opinion

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