Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help advise me. I'm looking to deck my room out with the ultimate digital experience. I've always been a Mac user and would prefer to stick with that. I'd like to combine the best of a few worlds here - so I'm thinking of buying the latest 27 inch Mac screen (pro retina display) - however - I want to be able to watch blue ray movies on it - I also would like it for gaming - so It would be great if i could plug a PS4 into it (as then that also doubles up as a blue ray player) + I'd want to play MAC/PC games on it too. I want the mac screen to do all my computer stuff on (use the net etc) so I don't just want a good screen - I want a powerful computer - which is why i'd like the 27" Mac.

Does anyone know if this is possable - and if so - how can i make it happen?