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    Default latest MAC 27" screen with retna display + Blue Ray + Play Staytion 4 + Mac gaming.

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help advise me. I'm looking to deck my room out with the ultimate digital experience. I've always been a Mac user and would prefer to stick with that. I'd like to combine the best of a few worlds here - so I'm thinking of buying the latest 27 inch Mac screen (pro retina display) - however - I want to be able to watch blue ray movies on it - I also would like it for gaming - so It would be great if i could plug a PS4 into it (as then that also doubles up as a blue ray player) + I'd want to play MAC/PC games on it too. I want the mac screen to do all my computer stuff on (use the net etc) so I don't just want a good screen - I want a powerful computer - which is why i'd like the 27" Mac.

    Does anyone know if this is possable - and if so - how can i make it happen?


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    I don't think it's possible to use the target display mode (ie plug something else into your monitor) with the non thunderbolt capable devices. Likewise for the 27" Thunderbolt display (which isn't retina anyway).
    It's possible to get an input running, but there is usually lag issues and it's not exactly cheap:

    Watching BluRay is possible with a USB Optical drive, here is the first hit on Google that shows it's possible:
    Turn your Mac into the ultimate Blu-ray player | Macworld

    When it comes to gaming... you're dealing with lots of heat in a small space and using a mobile graphics card:
    AMD Radeon R9 M295X - NotebookCheck.net Tech

    I wouldn't expect miracles, especially at high res, but it's definitely possible.

    Plan B is to look at what you actually want to achieve and built a hybrid.

    If you don't need massive power normally, a Mac Mini could see you through your daily computing tasks then a nice 4K monitor hooked up to both the computer and the PS4 might get you most of the way there (although you also then need some speakers).

    Of course you're still boned on high end PC gaming unless you throw a gaming PC into the mix... at which point you could consider (neglecting the legalities of it all) a Hackintosh specced to provide the best of all worlds in a single box. Mind you, you still need speaker and a screen anyway.

    4K Dell monitor:
    Dell UltraSharp 32 Monitor | UP3214Q 81.2cm (32)with PremierColor
    Many Shiny Toys with Apple Logos | Some Microsoft Toys too
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