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    Default Docking Station for iDevices

    I have multiple iPods, iPhones and iPads in my house. I am looking for a good solid universal docking station that would charge multiple iDevices. This docking station has to be compatible with newer type of iDevices like 5 and above. The iPad is 30pin connection.

    It would make life easier to have one docking station that charges multiple devices at once than to constantly swap them and use one cable.

    Any suggestions?

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    You are unlikely to get a dock that does both 30 Pin and lightning out of the box. There may have been some options a few years back but I'd say that they would be fading out quickly since 30 Pin stopped being a thing.

    Next problem is the placement of the ports. Since most devices have their port aligned slightly differently even "universal" docks (like the twelve south hirise I'm using) tend to be a 'capable to setup for lots of devices' but are designed to be then only used on a single unit.

    Ideally what you want is one of those docks with a spring loaded mechanism on the lightning port that allows for a little wiggle which in turn means multiple devices can go on AND you're less likely to damage the dock or the connector.

    As for multi docks, there are few options out there that do more than two ports and even then you have to be careful since plenty multi port chargers simply share 2-3amps across all ports. What you really want is each port with it's own dedicated 2.1amp supply.

    For home I have one of these bad boys:

    So I have 5 x 2.1Amp but with three kids as well as the wife and I we regularly run out of ports for all our devices! So much so that I keep considering one of these beasts:

    ...but that's expensive overkill :P (and a second powerdock would solve my problem also, albeit not as neat or cool, for a lot less cash).
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