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    Default AppleTV as Extender of WiFi - Ethernet?


    Netcom modem -> WIFI -> Airport Extreme -> Ethernet -> iMac

    Should this setup work?

    I wasn't getting anything on the iMac - recognises there's something on the ethernet port, but "not connected to the internet"... Airport has a green light, appears to be running ok.

    I'm wondering if the WiFi signal, which is weak at that end of the house, simply isn't given it enough to sustain a connection??


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    I don't think this setup will work.

    An airport extreme, express, or time capsule cannot be used to extend ,or even join a wireless network created by a non apple product. Can't remember why, think it has something to do with airplay?

    Its a few years since I tried to extend a WiFi network. The system I used was;
    An airport extreme conected to the modem via ethernet to establish a Wifi Network.
    Another airport extreme, closer to the Mac, to extend the WiFi network. Set this one up to join an existing network, being the one you created with the first airport.

    Join that network via WiFi on the iMac. Option Click on the Aiport Symbol in the menu bar to see info about strength of WiFi network. If the signal is still weak try moving the location of the second airport. Or use a longer ethernet cable to move the first airport closer to the iMac?
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    Indeed it's true an airport express cannot extend a wifi network without first being connected to a non apple modem via ethernet. I have an airport extreme base station connected to a cheap as non wifi modem and use the express to extend practically to the extent of our apartment complex.

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    Hi folks, and I was thinking along similar lines to what cosmic enquired about.

    I have a spare Airport Extreme and I was going to try to use it to wirelessly connect an old G4 Tower to my wireless network.

    I have a Netgear wireless ADSL unit and the G4 is apparently so old that it’s wireless unit will not communicate with the Netgear.

    The G4 “sees” the Netgear, but can not establish a connection.

    While I am using an Ethernet connection at the present, is there any realistic way to enable the G4 to become wireless again?

    Any assistance would be appreciated as I am wireless network challenged.

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    Well, I have to report that I had no success with my setup...

    The airport would show a green light, suggesting it was on the network, but would not share the connection from the Netcomm modem/wifi.

    At the moment, I'm just using an Ethernet Over Power box(es) to get the Net to my iMacTV at the far end of the house... and have no wifi at that end.
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    thecosmichobo - as seen on YouTube - "How Doomsday Should Have Ended!" • "Bigger on the Inside?" • "The Doctor Falls - With Hartnell!" and lots more!

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