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    Quote Originally Posted by SRG View Post
    Suspect that will be my wife's next phone. She still uses a 5 and hates the bigger size of the 6 so she would see a real improvement and price is ok.

    So do we think the iPad Pro 9.7 means the iPad Air might fall away.

    Shame no Macbook upgrade.
    This looks like its gonna be my next phone. Probably everyone in my immediate family will eventually have one, as we don't like big screens!
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    Picked up a 16GB silver iPhone SE this morning, will give to my Mum this weekend and we can finally retire the 3GS.

    The SE feels very light at 113g; the 5 and 5S were 112g.

    I think it's a winner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldmacs View Post
    The 4 and 4S are still good, but the OP wants long battery life!

    I could see an iPhone Nano one day if they could get the experience right. Many people appreciate the ease of use of the iPhone, but don't need apps, and would prefer a cheaper phone, with a long battery life that ran a stripped down iOS.
    The original Motorola iPhone lasted all of a matter of months, I don't see them going back there again.
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