Hi MacTalk,

It certainly seems as though Colour Classics are becoming rather popular around here. I have one of my own, but it needs some fairly extensive repairs to make it work again.

One of the large capacitors in the centre of the Analog Board has leaked and corroded two of the surrounding resistors, both of which look fairly charred. One of them has corroded through the solder joint holding it to the board, and when testing it with a multimeter, it reads open. I intend to replace these components and recap both the Analog Board and Logic Board at the same time.

I can't tell what ratings those resistors should be though. Almost everyone I've asked with a Colour Classic has also found the colour bands burned off, and some probing with a multimeter gives sketchy results at best. From what we've been able to gather, RL62 (charred, on left in picture) is a 41 Ohm resistor, but on two machines we've checked, this component reads 48 Ohms. The second resistor, RF11 (charred, on right in picture), measures 390 Ohms on one machine, but this is the one that reads open on mine, so I can't verify it.

I'm attempting to find out what the coloured bands on these resistors are. If anyone has a Colour Classic Analog Board around or feels like taking a few snaps of their own board, it would certainly help a lot.


~ Michael