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    Default Colour classic - needs some work - free to good home.

    Hi all,

    (Apologies if this breaks any forum rules, but it seems to be OK!)

    After a few years of not really using it, I've decided to give my Colour Classic (the one in my signature!) away and get by with playing old mac games with an emulator.

    The machine needs some work, or you could use it for parts -- details below. Pickup from Sydney inner west -- I don't really feel like arranging postage, sorry. Pics in a Dropbox album, also linked below.

    Machine notes:
    - Didn't boot after I pulled it out of the cupboard the other week.
    - Booted to white screen with the logic board removed, so…
    - I air-dusted off the LB, cleaned off the LB and RAM contacts with alcohol.
    - Still wouldn't boot. Left it plugged into the mains for 24 hours, and it booted up! Complained about system clock.
    - Next few times I turned it on –*hung at "Welcome to Macintosh" or on a grey screen with mouse cursor.
    - After that -- booted to flashing floppy icon. Has stayed that way since.

    So I suspect you'll need to replace some capacitors on the LB, and/or the clock battery, and/or the HD.

    The logic board appears to be the version with a 3.6V battery and no CUDA switch.

    The case has the name of the last owner (a school) engraved on the top, and some discolouring on either side where a large "2" was once written in black marker. The two screws which hold the rear port bezel in place are missing, but the panel still holds in place with plastic tabs.

    I've also got an ADB Mouse II and Apple Keyboard 2 (with cable) to go with it. The keyboard has also been engraved with the school name. If you take the mac, they're yours too.

    When it booted last week, "About this Macintosh" reported 6MB of RAM. From memory I think the HD is approx 25MB.

    If somehow you're able to get the current HD back up and running, it's running System 7.1 and has a handful of games on it (Prince of Persia, Onyx, Spectre, etc). I haven't tested it recently, but when I last used it a few years back, the floppy drive worked fine, as did the SCSI port.

    Pics of the machine are below, including a shot of the machine when it booted up last week.


    Think that's it -- any questions, feel free to ask below.

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    I'm sure oldmacs would like this

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    I am very interested but don't have many transport options where exactly are you?

    Would you be inclined to ship at all if I paid you postage plus for your time?
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    Ha, I'd probably be fine to arrange shipping, really, just trying to get rid of it as easily as possible! I've had no local takers through other networks, though, so it's yours for the cost of packing materials and postage.

    I live in Dulwich Hill, and commute regularly to Redfern, Ultimo, and Central. If any of those locations are convenient to you we can arrange an in-person handover, otherwise I'll look into postage. PM me and we'll go from there.

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