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    Default Two Yosemite niggles with drag and drop

    G'day all

    The first is not only a Yosemite niggle. It appeared around Mountain Lion I think. You used to be able to drag a file over the finder icon on the dock and use the springy folder feature to navigate deep to the folder you wanted. Not any longer. Now it just offers you the desktop. Not much use if the file is already on the desktop. It is still possible to get this functionality by dragging over the app or download icon on the dock but I miss the old way.

    The second has just appeared and I wonder if others can replicate it. Make the inbox active in Mail. Drag an email to the folder sidebar. I have lots of folders here and they don't all fit in the window. You can scroll down but not up which is annoying if you scroll down too far and try to scroll back up to the correct mail folder. That's a new 'feature' unless it's just my system.

    Both trivial. I have a more serious wi-fi internet sharing issue that seems to have appeared with Yosemite but I'll see if it is fixed in the next update before having a moan here.

    As an aside - I note I am allowed to do everything but post attachments (e.g.screen grabs) on this forum. How do I get permission to add pics?

    Hamilton, Vic
    MacBook Pro 13", 64gb iPod Touch 5G

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    I have an issue where some title bars are black with really badly-anti-aliased text in them. Can't work out a pattern to it though...

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