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    Tassiecelt Guest

    Default Using Exchange for email, is it worth it?

    My Telstra Business support guys talked me into having them set up exchange for my email. It works fine with mac mail, but at $5 per month I am failing to see the benefit. It includes 1T of Onecloud storage, which seems even more useless that iCloud.
    i would appreciate opinions from the Mac community on whether this is a good move.
    thanks in advance.

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    I think it's great but it depends on what you need it for. It gives you a hosted exchange environment linked to your own domain with shared calendars, but that in itself isn't that worthwhile. I'd recommend paying the extra $5 to get Office 365 premium which gives you 5 copies of MS office (you could use it on the iPad, Windows VM, OSX etc) along with SharePoint, lync etc.

    Onedrive is better than icloud because the sharing capability is a bit better and it's actually a Sharepoint environment if you view it online.
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    Tassiecelt Guest


    Thanks for the reply Missionman, since I wrote this my email has been really messed up by Exchange, in spite of local Telstra Business tech support spending hours with my MBP trying to get it right.
    So, I've decided to ask their help to reverse the whole setup. I should have remembered the proverb 'if it ain't broke..'
    Onedrive for business isn't working on a Mac yet according to Telstra, who have sent in complaints. I have no use of Office products anyway, so it seems that it offers me little. great review of the Surface Pro, almost had me lusting for one

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