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    Default New Retina MBP running hot for games

    Hi folks,

    I have a brand new retina MBP and it is amazing. Upgraded to Yosemite and it's beautiful. It doesn't have a discrete graphics chip.

    I have one game that I play regularly: Civilization V.

    On my crusty $600 Windows 8.1 laptop, it whizzes along at a rate of knots. The fan kicks in after 30 minutes or so but it's unobtrusive enough.

    However, as soon as I start playing on my mighty $2.5K MBP, the fan starts up and its roar fills the room (kinda, well, it's louder than the Windows machine, a lot louder). Within 5 to 10 minutes the keyboard is uncomfortably warm and within 20 minutes I stop playing because I'm afraid the little fellow is going to explode.

    Is this normal for my new Mac or should I be heading back to the Apple Store for a replacement?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    G'day Mike, and a belated welcome to MacTalk,

    Can you give us some more info about your Mac? Model number etc...

    I'm back in the stone age with a 2009 MacBookPro, so not familiar with the issue, but googling "MBP retina overheating" certainly pulls up a few responses... And this was a possibly useful link to try and fix the problem:

    Is Your MacBook Pro Retina Overheating? Fix It Now - Mach Machines

    Is it just CivV that causes the overheating? Or other games/apps too?

    You certainly wouldn't expect such issues, but sometimes some bad programming/etc can bring even the best machine to its knees... I know Flash used to destroy the battery life on my MBP, but that's because Flash is such poorly coded software...


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    There is a big difference between "overheating" and "getting hot".

    My 2013 rMBP can get quite warm while encoding video with the CPU getting up to 100C quite easily... but that's what it does and that's why the fans turn on. That heat has to go somewhere and the giant aluminium heatsink you are holding is doing its job in dissipating the heat.

    You can use something like this to monitor temps if you're worried:
    iStat Menus, a Mac app by Bjango

    Long story short, anything CPU or GFX intensive is going to heat things up quickly. I also find the Mac tends to leave the fans off until things heat up then run louder. (The idea being it can get pretty warm and NOT turn the fans on so it can maintain it's silent running which is more about the Apple ethos than anything else).

    To be fair, I do get a little concerned if I want to run video encodes over lots of files since sitting that hot for that long makes me wonder just how good it is for the machines longevity... But then all my MBP's have run up to that sort of temp on full load and none have ever had issues.
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