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Thread: Prelude 1.5b8

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    Default Prelude 1.5b8

    A bit of a long shot I know but is anyone still using this software? Its essentially an image database that I used to use in the early 2000's. I didn't have the full version, just a user version.
    I've now got an old database that I want to extract the keywords and PCD image data information to transfer over to a Filemaker Pro database but I cannot get my old Jelly Bean OS9 iMac to open Prelude. I found a copy of Prelude amongst some other files in my current OSX machine.

    Does Prelude require OS8 to work? Its been so long I can't remember what OS it ran under.

    I've got OS 7,8, 9 and on and could reload the right OS onto the iMac if needed but don't want to unless I have to.
    Any ideas?

    cheers, rod

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    This must be the quietest thread in the world, 224 views and not a single reply.
    I'll take it as read that no-one out there has any experience with Prelude and try resurrecting the old database on an older machine.


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    I did give it a shout out in the AppleSauce e-mail, so might account for the views also. Sadly like you say seems no one seems to be using it. Still the beauty of the web, it can sit here just in case!
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